About MSDesign

about me - picture of MaciejMy name is Maciej Sularz and I run MSDesign from Devon, in the UK. Originally from Poland, my passion for web design can be traced back to six years ago, when I initially started designing websites as a hobby. With those years of experience behind me, MSDesign is the result of a hobby, turned passion, turned part-time profession.

Taking a personal approach to each and every client I design for, I understand how important it is to acknowledge every customer as an individual, each with very different needs and requirements. Whether your project is large or small in scale, I can ‘hold your hand’ through the entire creative process, from the initial concept through to completion – in a flexible, cost-effective and professional way. Unlike larger companies, I design and code the projects myself, keeping the entire process personal, accessible and catered towards you. Should you have additional needs however, I regularly collaborate with other professionals, such as photographers, meaning there’s always scope for more – all you need to do is ask.

Whether a client knows exactly what they want, or is a little bit lost when it comes to web design, I can help. Whether this means cultivating existing ideas or assisting you in generating new ones altogether, it’s all part of a process I love. I believe it’s important to involve my clients as much as possible when I’m working on their website, and with that, always keep my mind open to their suggestions along the way. Like with any creative process you embark on; new ideas can emerge and existing ones can evolve, so it only makes sense to keep my clients in the loop at all stages – after all, if they’re not happy with their customer website, then I’m not either!

For me, client satisfaction and creating the perfect website is what matters the most, along with making sure the entire process towards reaching that fruition is a positive one.

Whether you’re a new client simply curious as to whether I’m right for your project, or an existing one I’ve worked with before; don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries you may have regarding myself or my services.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to mention a special thank you to all my existing clients; for their trust, co-operation, and all the projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on.

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